Financial Aid


At Valparaiso University, we understand that financing your education is a critical consideration. Our financial aid office is dedicated to assisting you in exploring various options so you can make informed decisions about your educational journey.

Pursuing a college degree is a major step in the advancement of your career and personal life. The commitment of time and effort during your coursework is no small feat. At the same time, the financial undertaking of pursuing further education can be overwhelming.

At Valpo, we work alongside our students to help them feel confident in their financial plans and academic pathways.

Understanding Tuition & Fees


When it comes to paying for your education, we want to ensure you know where the costs are coming from and the reasoning behind expenses. At Valpo, we work to provide prospective and enrolled students with transparent financial information.

Courses are billed per credit hour depending on your course of study.


$715 Per Credit Hour


$715 Per Credit Hour


$715 Per Credit Hour

your healthcare education journey starts today.

See the impact you can make with a online degree from Valparaiso University.

The Value of Valparaiso University

U.S. News & World Report ranks Valparaiso University as one of the Best National Universities. Couple that with affordable tuition and numerous scholarship/financial aid resources, and we earn another U.S. News distinction — one of the best values nationwide. Pursuing your next step at Valparaiso University gives students the confidence that they are learning from a top-tier university without the barrier to entry of a hefty investment.

return on investment of a Degree in Healthcare from Valparaiso University.


  • Job Stability and Growth: Healthcare offers consistent job stability due to constant demand driven by an aging population and medical advancements, ensuring long-term financial security.
  • Salary Potential and ROI: Evaluate healthcare’s competitive salaries against educational costs to ensure a worthwhile return on your investment in an advanced healthcare degree.
  • Career Variety: Explore diverse healthcare career options, each with unique financial prospects, allowing you to align your interests, skills, and financial goals.
  • Financial Planning: Manage education-related debt by exploring scholarships and financial aid while consulting with healthcare-focused financial advisors for long-term financial planning.
  • Non-Monetary Benefits: Healthcare careers provide non-monetary rewards like job satisfaction, purpose, growth opportunities, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on others’ lives, enhancing overall well-being.
Why Valparaiso University is Affordable.


Our value proposition encompasses several key elements. First, we offer competitive tuition rates, ensuring that our students receive excellent value for the high-quality education they receive.

Additionally, we take pride in our commitment to providing generous financial aid options, allowing many of our students to access scholarships and financial aid offers that make their education more affordable.

Moreover, our institution is dedicated to investing in the success of our students, not only during their time with us but also in their future careers. We strive to equip our graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen fields, thereby opening up promising career opportunities for them after graduation.

Want to Talk With Someone?

For more personalized guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact our financial aid office at 219.464.5015 or book an appointment. We are here to help you navigate the process and make your education at Valparaiso University both successful and affordable.


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Create an FSA ID: Before starting the FAFSA form, you need an FSA ID, which serves as your legal signature. Create one at the Federal Student Aid website.
  2. Gather Necessary Documents: Have your Social Security Number, your parents’ Social Security Numbers (if you’re a dependent), your driver’s license (if applicable), federal tax returns, W-2s, and other records of money earned, bank statements, and records of investments ready.
  3. Start Your FAFSA at Fill in student demographics, school selection, dependency status, parent demographics, financial information, and sign and submit the form.
  4. Submit Before Deadline: Pay attention to the federal, state, and school deadlines to ensure your form is considered.
  • Sources and Strategies:
    • Scholarships and Grants: Use resources like the Valparaiso University scholarship page, Fastweb, and to find scholarships and grants. Unlike loans, these do not need to be repaid.
    • Private Loans: If necessary, consider private student loans from banks or credit unions, but be mindful of the terms and interest rates.
  • Effective Strategies:
    • Borrow Only What You Need: Consider your actual expenses and borrow minimally.
    • Understand Loan Terms: Know the differences between federal and private loans, interest rates, and repayment terms.
    • Seek Financial Counseling: Utilize our financial aid counselors for advice on managing loans and debt.